IND vs PAK India national cricket team

14 October, Ahmedabad While admiring Virat Kohli, Pakistani cricketers Mohammad Rizwan and Harris Rauf noted that the elegant batsman has some distinct characteristics that set him apart from other players.


“Once he’s set, and he has some runs in his bag, his final assault is very dangerous,” Rizwan told Star Sports. No one can equal the shots he makes in the last half of an inning or his finishing touch. These qualities have distinguished him from others.


Harris Rauf, a fast bowler, too lauded Kohli’s concentration. I remember bowling to Virat Kohli as an Indian net bowler, and I thought he had perfect control over where the ball went. was going and which part of the ball he was hitting. He was really calm. Never have I witnessed someone with such control. He is so good because of this, Rauf claimed prior to the India-Pakistan game. IND vs PAK

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